How to Determine Your Budget

There are many hard decisions to make when planning a wedding. And the information available to help you can get overwhelming.

Some things come fairly easy – your colours, your bridesmaids, wedding style….yes, there are some issues you may encounter with these decisions, but you at least have experience with making these kinds of decisions. You’ve probably never ordered this many flower arrangements before, or ever priced out a backdrop or table linens. This is all new territory, no frame of reference for these decisions.

Perhaps your old college roommate got married recently and spoke about some of the costs, but she didn’t get into the nitty gritty of everything. Maybe you found a copy of Modern Bride and they gave you a guideline of allocating a certain percentage of your budget to flowers and décor. All a little vague and not really an accurate method of determining how much what you want will cost.

Well, I can sympathize. More than that, I can help! I have created a simple chart that you can download to help you calculate your expenses. It is a generalized pricing structure, but will at least give you a starting point. And, of course, be prepared for the prices to be a bit different depending on where you live, because just like everything else, flowers and décor pricing will be dictated by market demand. You will always find prices less than shown and you will find prices higher than shown, but this is an average.

This chart is pretty straight-forward and simple to use. Print it out. In the second column, under “# of Pieces required” write down how many Bridesmaids bouquets you need, how many centerpieces you need, how many boutonnieres….you get the idea. Then, choose your preferred price point. If you know you want to keep things as economical as possible, choose the low-end price point. If your taste runs to the more elaborate flowers and linens, use the high-end price point. Do the math, add it all up, and voila!


Basic Budgeting Tool

If you have any questions or problems, just send me an email,


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