Don’t Believe Everything You Read!

Stunning Centrepiece

Stunning Florals Created by Tantawan Blooms

I am AMAZED!   Not only amazed – baffled, bewildered and more importantly, so disappointed.

If I were a bride today, I would be mad as hell and would not want to take it anymore.

What has put a bee in my bonnet?  Why am I on such a rant?

Plain and simple – Lies!

You, the Bride, are being lied to, and it isn’t fair.  It’s not fair to you or to your wedding vendors.

Why are you being told all these lies?  For the sake of your mouse.  Yes, you heard me, your mouse!


Here’s a quick rundown of how people make money online – either they are selling something or they are being paid to provide leads to other sites.  These paid leads are called PPC’s – Pay Per Click.  What does that have to do with you being lied to?  Everything!

You see a fabulous picture, along with a totally enticing headline and you click on it.  It leads you to an informative (hopefully) article.  But, once you have finished with that article, you will look around that page and see all the other enticing things related to your wedding planning, and will probably click onto another link provided.  The host of the original website will be paid for every click on every link.

Fabulous Tall Centrepiece created by LA Premier

Fabulous Tall Centrepiece created by LA Premier

Why is this bad for you?

Because the original article that caught your attention is probably a lie.  Example, this stunning picture (above) is shown in an article titled Designing Tall Centerpieces on a Budget.  In the article, it also mentions DIY.  Oh Boy – do this yourself?!

Let’s have a reality check, from a professional’s point of view.  The gorgeous arrangement, supported with 3 columns of glass, each hand-wrapped with a French twist ribbon treatment, is created with roses, hydrangeas, and phaleonopsis, cymbidium and dendrobium orchids.  The over-sized arrangement on top is probably worth about $1,300 – yes, $1,300!  Then, let’s factor in the stunning arrangement at the base of that, probably worth another $200- $300, giving you a ballpark figure of $1,500 per arrangement.

“Pardon me?  $1,500?  Did you really just say a flower arrangement is worth $1,500?”  Yes, I did!  But don’t be shocked at what I just said, be shocked at the foolish website that is telling you this is a “Budget” centrepiece.

Now let me address the “DIY” aspect of this design

This arrangement for me – a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of designing experience behind me – would be a major undertaking!  Even if you only have 10 tables (10 centrepieces), this would take many hours to design.  That does not even take into account the processing of the flowers (this is the process by which flowers are hydrated, cleaned and prepared to be used in an arrangement).  There is also the issue of creating the recipe of the design and procuring the flowers at the right time.  And at what point do you get your hair, make-up, and photos done in preparation for your actual wedding?!

So you, as a bride on a budget, whether that budget is $5,000 or $500,000, fall in love with this centrepiece.  You figure, “OK, it’s a budget price, so maybe I’ll spend $75 per centrepiece” and create the rest of your budget.

You show up for your meeting with the florist, give them your floral budget, based on $750 for 10 centrepieces, and show the florist your Pintrest page.  You walk in expecting to pay “budget” price.  Then you are knocked off your chair by the price given to you.  Chances are you look at the florist and think, “They are outrageous!  They are ripping me off!”  You meet with a few more florists, and find out the same thing.

How disappointed are you?  You really want these stunning centrepieces!  So you start to ask, “Well, can I get something like this for $75?”  Short answer – No.  You will never be able to make a $75 arrangement look like a $1,500 arrangement.

Can you do a similar style?  Yes.  You can do an elevated arrangement with white flowers.  But for $75 expect to see just a few hydrangea and maybe a two or three roses.

Here is my professional advice:  do some preliminary research.  Take the pics and simply ask a floral designer before falling in love with a design and before setting your budget.

And definitely, Do Not Believe Everything You Read!

Glorious Crystals and Florals

Glorious Crystals and Florals – Designed by Creations by Gitta, Photo by Mango Studios,


~ by OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Decor on January 21, 2014.

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