Thank You, Brides!

Last year was a great year for OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Decor – we worked so hard, helped create so many beautiful weddings, invested in the company, sacrificed a lot.  Then we were rewarded with the WEDDING WIRE – BRIDES CHOICE AWARD.  I was thrilled because this is based on the words of people we worked directly with on a massively important day in their life.  And they loved us! (to paraphrase Sally Fields). 

Well, we’re feeling the love again and I couldn’t be more proud of what has been accomplished!  We have been awarded the BRIDES CHOICE award again!

Last year, I had a choice to make with this business – go big or go home (i.e. work for someone else…).  Well, I chose to go big – “ger”.  Not quite the overwhelming size of some design/decor companies, but big enough to create stunning weddings while still being able to achieve a personal relationship with my clients.  I believe that is a crucial element in any collaboration of this type.  I need to know who I am working with in order to understand their dreams and vision.  I could easily say, “Yes, yes, I know what you want, let me do it”, and then proceed to create my vision. 

But do you want that in a partner?  My thinking is that most people want guidance, input, reassurance, and ideas – lots of ideas!  And then, someone who can competently execute those ideas.  That’s where I like to see these collaborations go. 

And it would seem that we succeeded in that goal – two years in a row, according to our Brides.

And to these Brides – Thank You!  Thank you for trusting me, for believing in the visions we created together, for all the friends you have recommended try us.  But mostly, thank you for allowing me to share in such a fabulous day in your life – I love weddings!

If you want to be one of our special, valued Brides, don’t hesitate to contact me – I’d love to speak with you about your vision for the day!


~ by OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Decor on January 26, 2012.

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