Winter Weddings

Choosing a time of year to get married is one of the big decisions to be made.  There are so many factors involved in choosing:  favorite season, work commitments, holidays, travel conditions, and a host of others.  Are there benefits to getting married at some time other than summer?  Sure, but there are also some drawbacks.  If you are trying to decide, here you’ll find some food for thought. 

The tradition has always been the June bride, beautiful weather, not too hot, everything is still fresh….but there was only so many weekends and they started to get pretty crowded.  So, brides expanded around May and July.  May is beautiful – cool spring, pretty flowers, Mother’s Day….oh, yeah, there goes the cost of flowers!  July – true summer!  But true summer is hot, and people go on holidays, and everyone wants to get married outside.  And the list goes on….So, lets break it down month by month, this way you can check out the pros and cons of each month, and hopefully have a little more information to help you narrow down your choices.

January Pros

  • Great time to celebrate with the new year!  Everyone wants a party then
  • Not much going on for the rest of the month
  • Quietest time of the year for venues and other vendors

January Cons

  • If doing the New Year’s Eve thing, you might really have to search for a venue and/or vendors
  • Might be upstaged by a snow storm

February Pros

  • Is there a more romantic month?  Certainly the majority of engagements happen in this month
  • Fabulous colour schemes and themes

February Cons

  • Double the cost of your flowers if it’s right at Valentine’s Day
  • Don’t use a regular florist for your flowers – they will be too consumed with just trying to get through the Valentine’s rush in one piece!

March Pros

  • Not a lot of competition for a venue or services

March Cons

  • Lots of people out on holidays, may cause some issues with people wanting to go out of the country and miss your wedding
  • Hotels are often full of kids on March break, if you’re thinking of doing it in a hotel

April Pros

  • A fresh season full of hope and renewal
  • Multitude of fave flowers available i.e. tulips, lily of the valley, etc
  • Still ahead of the wedding crowd rush

April Cons

  • Hmmm….can’t really think of any reason not to….

May Pros

  • Still spring, still lots of spring flowers available, as well as popular summer flowers like peonies
  • Not too busy of a time for most of your guests

May Cons

  • Mother’s Day weekend means lots of venues are focused on taking care of Moms
  • Flower prices are elevated
  • And of course, the first long weekend of summer!

June Pros

  • Almost all of the favorite flowers and colours are good to go in June
  • Perfect weather

June Cons

  • Busy time of year for a lot of people – guest and vendors included

July Pros

  • Everyone, vendors and venues are in full wedding mode – all systems are go!

July Cons

  • Heat and humidity – need I say more?  But if so, think of your makeup, hair, body temp…..
  • Book your venue early, very busy time

August Pros

  • Flower and colour choices are fabulous – you can do summer or start to bring in fall colours
  • A little more sane for you to try to get your guests together

August Cons

  • Doesn’t have a lot going against it….

September Pros

  • The new “it” time to get married
  • Usually fabulous weather, not too hot, sunny, pretty

September Cons

  • This is often our busiest month, you may be surprised when you start your planning that alot of things could be booked well in advanced

October Pros

  • Perfect time of year to get married, if you like the rustic feel (and according to the newest surveys – rustic is hugely popular!)
  • This month lends itself wonderfully to rich textures and colours, think of the abundance of the harvest, the snuggly sweater weather, fiery colours

October Cons

  • Not a lot comes to mind.  Yes, Thanksgiving is in there, but that’s not a big flower holiday.  The worst would be those people on your guest list who want to close up the cottage that weekend and will be conflicted about which event has a priority….

November Pros

  • This is kind of an overlooked month where weddings are concerned.  You might find it relatively easy to find deals and vendors. 
  • Your guests won’t be overloaded with parties and present purchases yet, and might be quite excited to have an early kick off to Christmas!

November Cons

  • Not too much to worry about here – you might have to wade through a few early Christmas parties to get what you want, but other than that…

December Pros

  • I have to admit I’m a bit partial to December – that’s my wedding anniversary!  I loved the idea of a fresh winter wedding, celebrating the season (both winter and Christmas), the decor choices are so varied, everyone is in the spirit
  • My big “Pro” for choosing this month – the dress won’t suffocate you in the colder temps!

December Cons

  • Turns out not everyone wants to spend their busy Christmas holidays or the month of, attending a wedding!  They have too many obligations already to deal with
  • Of course, the unpredicatable Canadian weather (it kept a few of my relatives snuggly home in the great north while we celebrated)

Lots to be considered whatever time of year you choose, but no matter what, enjoy it to the fullest!  Happy planning, and please, feel free to let me know which date you chose and why.




~ by OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Decor on September 19, 2011.

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