Fresh Flowers vs Permanent Flowers

Brides often wonder about choosing fresh flowers over permanent, or silk, flowers.  They wonder

  • are the less expensive?
  • will they look as good?
  • how can they look better?
  • what is really the difference?
  • which is a better way to go?

Well, if you are one of those brides, I have a few opinions, and some information to help you sort it out!

Lets start with the first (price is always the first!) question – are they less expensive?  Short answer – surprisingly, no.  If you are looking for reasonable-quality permanent flowers, these will usually cost the same, or more, than the real thing.  Yes, of course, there “cheap” silk flowers at the dollar stores and craft stores, and we’ll leave it at that.  Costs that won’t change are things like the accessories that would be added to the bouquet, i.e. crystals, rhinestones, ribbons, etc. 

Will they look as good?  I hate to say it but, sometimes they look better!  The permanent flowers offer a couple of benefits that can’t be found on real flowers – they don’t bruise, you will have consistent bloom sizes, they can be manipulated in ways that fresh flowers can’t, and they stay looking “fresh” all day!

Want to make them look even better?  Consider using the permanent flowers mixed in with fresh foliage, other live blossoms, and of course, my favorite – crystals or jewels!

What is really the difference?  Well, lets see, fresh flowers are fresh and permanent flowers are not!  And, I guess it comes down to personal preference.  Fresh flowers will give you some fragrance. 

So, overall, which is the best way to go?  Since you really won’t save money on choosing the silk flowers, take that point out of the “Pro” column and consider placing it in the “Con” column, since it might actually end up costing more.  But, decide what type of person you are.  The fresh flowers are highly traditional, very authentic, and almost a bit of indulgence, because how often do you get to carry beautiful flowers around with you?!  If you are the type of bride who wants to know exactly how everything will turn out, then the permanent option is great for you – it can be done before hand, you will have it to play around and get comfortable with.  If you are a practical person, then this bouquet can be kept for years after.   However, the popular choice is always fresh flowers.  Nothing can beat the excitement of first seeing, then holding your own ephemeral, delicate collection of real, living flowers – a tradition that has been handed down since marriage ceremonies began.  And part of that magic is the fleeting beauty, the precious gift that should be appreciated for the time you have it – exactly as your wedding is!


~ by OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Decor on July 25, 2011.

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