The Truth About Seasonal Flowers

You’ve read it over and over – if you want to save money, use seasonal flowers.  Of course you want to save money.  But how much will you really save?  What will it mean in terms of your wedding bouquet or centrepieces?

Because consumers want flowers that represent the season, i.e. tulips in spring, amaryllis in winter, growers plan their crops based on these demands and grow accordingly as to what will sell.

So lets explore early summer flowers, such as peonies, for a wedding in June versus a wedding in November.  Peonies require certain growing conditions that happen at certain times of the year resulting in their abundance “in season”.  To have them “out of season” requires some more specialized operations, i.e. growing them higher up the mountains in South America.  Because there is less demand for them out of season, the growers plant less at this location.  So when a bride wants them in November, they are more of a premium product.  If a bride wants them in June, they are the “usual” price.  The difference in these prices is somewhere in the ballpark of $8-10 in November compared to $4-8 in June.  So, even in June, “in season”, these are premium flowers, just because they do require that special growing season.  These are not “cheaper” flowers. 

What is often refered to as “seasonal” flowers would indicate flowers that are growing at the time of your wedding.  But you need to keep in mind that these flowers are still cultivated.  They still require a greenhouse, staff to nuture/prune/fertilize the plants, packaging, transportation, and distribution.  Given all these steps required to get the flowers from a seed to your bouquet, there is definately still a cost associated with them.  This cost is simply a more “average” cost than when it is “out of season”.

The quality of the flowers sold while in season may be more robust, and, certainly, more readily available.  Your bridal bouquet or centrepieces may be a little fuller, and definately more indicative of the season when looking back at your photos.

So the truth about using “seasonal” flowers is that you won’t save a bundle, you’ll simply not pay a premium on top of the regular price usually associated with your flower choice.


~ by OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Decor on June 30, 2011.

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