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Welcome and congratulations on your recent engagement

Amidst the well wishes, hugs and exhilliration, can you see the future day, all glorious and in love, looking like a goddess?

In all the excitement, it is starting to occur to you that there are a lot of details to work through, details about the ceremony, the reception, the dress, the bridal party, the food… And there are details you don’t even know about yet!

Do you feel the stress starting to weigh on your shoulders? Are you being asked questions that you don’t have answers for?

Well, congratulations, again – you’re in the right place! This blog will help guide you through the maze of choices when it comes to all your florals and décor. This is a large part of your decision making process, and we can help.


Interesting Stats

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Bejewelled Bouquet

Bejewelled Bouquet


As I prepared my new website content, I starting doing a bit of math.  I began to wonder how many weddings I’ve done, and, as an extension, how many other things I’ve done in conjunction with those weddings.

So, I did some calculating and here’s what I came up with:

  • 232, 989 Stems of flowers processed, cut and arranged
  • 885 Bouquets created
  • 1,391 Boutonnieres have been pinned on the men
  • 1,865 Centrepieces designed and placed on tables
  • 23,450 Chairs covered

Wow!  No wonder I get tired sometimes!  Good thing I love what I do.


How to Determine Your Budget

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There are many hard decisions to make when planning a wedding. And the information available to help you can get overwhelming.

Some things come fairly easy – your colours, your bridesmaids, wedding style….yes, there are some issues you may encounter with these decisions, but you at least have experience with making these kinds of decisions. You’ve probably never ordered this many flower arrangements before, or ever priced out a backdrop or table linens. This is all new territory, no frame of reference for these decisions.

Perhaps your old college roommate got married recently and spoke about some of the costs, but she didn’t get into the nitty gritty of everything. Maybe you found a copy of Modern Bride and they gave you a guideline of allocating a certain percentage of your budget to flowers and décor. All a little vague and not really an accurate method of determining how much what you want will cost.

Well, I can sympathize. More than that, I can help! I have created a simple chart that you can download to help you calculate your expenses. It is a generalized pricing structure, but will at least give you a starting point. And, of course, be prepared for the prices to be a bit different depending on where you live, because just like everything else, flowers and décor pricing will be dictated by market demand. You will always find prices less than shown and you will find prices higher than shown, but this is an average.

This chart is pretty straight-forward and simple to use. Print it out. In the second column, under “# of Pieces required” write down how many Bridesmaids bouquets you need, how many centerpieces you need, how many boutonnieres….you get the idea. Then, choose your preferred price point. If you know you want to keep things as economical as possible, choose the low-end price point. If your taste runs to the more elaborate flowers and linens, use the high-end price point. Do the math, add it all up, and voila!


Basic Budgeting Tool

If you have any questions or problems, just send me an email, events@opulencefloral.com

Less Than Perfect?

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This is Me!  My wedding day December 21, 1996  :~}

This is Me! My wedding day December 21, 1996 :~}

I’ll say it out loud – I am a “big” girl, plus-size, over-weight…..ok, I’m fat.

There, I said it.

But really, what’s the big deal? Everyone can see that.

It’s not what I feel inside, though. Inside, I’m completely “normal”.


What does this have to do with my wedding business? With the couples I work with? With my life in general and my interactions with the rest of the world? Plenty!

I see thousands of images every week of stunning, “swoon-worthy” (how I loathe that word now!), weddings, brides, flowers, décor. And now that I am of a certain maturity, it is not so disturbing that everything looks “perfect”, but that is now. Flashback almost 20 years ago when I was getting married……

This is me and my George, my dad.

This is me and my George, my dad.

My favorite kitty, Thumper :-)

My favorite kitty, Thumper 🙂

I wasn’t too big at this age, but still it did put a damper on my wedding planning.  See my double chin?  And that was after spending MANY early mornings at the gym.

What does this have to do with today’s weddings?

As I see all the beautiful, “perfect” brides, I begin to wonder about those of us who are “less than perfect”, as displayed in the media.  How often do I see those weddings profiled on all the top blogs, how “swoon-worthy” are we as the desirable bride?  Apparently, not so much.

And this makes me sad.  Because my weight did not lessen the amount of love I had for my groom, it did not lessen the joy in the celebration of two families coming together, of publicly pledging our vows before friends and God.

What it did lessen was the already minimal amount of self worth I felt – the struggle to find a dress that made me feel like the beautiful bride I wanted to be, the fear of going on my honeymoon and being the fat girl on the beach, knowing there would be pictures to last a lifetime of my double chin.  And all these negative emotions were added on to massive amount of stress that came from planning a wedding.  It’s just not right.

This is a plus-size?

This is a plus-size?

This also got me wondering about other, unconventional “Brides”.  What about the couples where there are no “Brides” – a perfectly matched, in-love pair of men who can celebrate their love publicly, a couple of masculine women choosing to unite and neither very fond of the feminine moniker of “Bride”, anyone who doesn’t fit the stereotype of “Princess Bride”….  Do these blogs/websites make them feel less than perfect?  That their love is somehow inferior or not to be celebrated?

It makes me sad.  Love is love – a beautiful gift meant to be celebrated.

I wish all the wedding couples in love a joyous wedding day, a planning experience full of love and celebration, and a lifetime of love and happiness – no matter how far apart from the “perfect wedding” image the media shows.

P.S.  As a follow-up, I am still happily married to the same groom, we also have a wonderful, crazy, beautiful daughter, and I have so much more weight on me now that I wish I was still like those “plus-size” pictures from 20 years ago!

Jazz Up Your Dance Floor

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A Very Elegant Take on the Dance Floor

A Very Elegant Take on the Dance Floor

What’s happening on the dance floor?  Something pretty spectacular!  Once upon a time, a dance floor was pretty plain…just a floor, sometimes a parquet pattern but that’s all.  The new trend is now pretty beautiful.

Fancy Gobo Lighting Beyond the Monogram

Fancy Gobo Lighting Beyond the Monogram

Floral Pattern Gobo from www.mindyweiss.com

Floral Pattern Gobo from http://www.mindyweiss.com

Gobos on the Ceiling

Gobos on the Ceiling

Multi-Coloured Gobo

Multi-Coloured Gobo


The best new trend, though, is the gorgeous white floors with decorative elements or monograms.  The striking white vinyl is a dramatic finish to all the well-thought-out details of linens, backdrops, and other room draping.  These floors are custom printed and installed for only your wedding day – a fleeting, yet beautiful detail.


White Dance Floor from www.dancefloordecor.com

White Dance Floor from http://www.dancefloordecor.com

Decorative Elements on White Vinyl from www.dancefloordecor.com

Decorative Elements on White Vinyl from http://www.dancefloordecor.com


Maybe looking for some different ideas?  We’ve got those, too!


Pool Blue Dance Floor, image from www.unruephoto.com

Pool Blue Dance Floor, image from http://www.unruephoto.com


How about a twinkling, starry night floor?


Stars Below You!

Stars Below You!


And, my perennial favorite, the checkerboard Black & White, compliments of the incomparable Preston Bailey.


Black & White - Modern and Traditional.  www.prestonbailey.com

Black & White – Modern and Traditional. http://www.prestonbailey.com


So, what do you think?  Will you be jazzing up your dance floor?  If you need some help, give us a click www.opulencefloral.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!



Wedding Industry Honour Roll

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Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll

I am happy to announce OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Décor has been selected for the Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll.

The WeddingIndustryExperts.com team asked Wedding Professionals around the world – “Who has inspired you in your local wedding community?” After reviewing email referrals from across the globe, they put together their first annual list of Honour Roll members and I’m happy to announce that I am one of them.

It’s because of my wonderful clients that I get to do what I love and to meet so many other wedding industry professionals. I appreciate this recognition and want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Here is some more information about the WeddingIndustryExperts.com Honour Roll:

“Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll member businesses are a mixed bunch. Much like wedding rings, each one sparkles in its own way. No matter how you count their differences, members have a few things in common – they love the wedding business, they are committed to their clients and their testimonials from both peers and happy clients speak volumes about their commitment to their fields.

Being on the Honour Roll is not an endorsement of a businesses service or products. It is simply a way to say thank you – you did some awesome work (the previous year), that inspired others and we want to recognize you.”

You can see the full list of Honour Roll Members here:

Transforming Your Reception Venue

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Stunning Draping Designed by Yanni Design Studio

Stunning Draping Designed by Yanni Design Studio

You have chosen your venue – maybe it’s the perfect size, scrumptious food, ideal location, but the walls don’t work with the feel you are hoping to create.  Or the colours are clashing.  Or they are too busy to let your flowers shine.  Do you book that venue and try to overlook your concerns?

Draping the room is the answer to your worries!

A Before shot - including the Cow!

A Before shot – including the Cow!

The Amazing After!  No Cow to be Seen

The Amazing After! No Cow to be Seen


A Less than Stunning Entrance

A Less than Stunning Entrance

This is a Warm Welcome.  So much nicer than the Before

This is a Warm Welcome. So much nicer than the Before


Another Less than Perfect Venue.

Another Less than Perfect Venue.


A Perfect Wedding Setting!

A Perfect Wedding Setting!

These amazing “Before” and “After” shots show the magic that can be achieved with fabric and a skilled wedding professional.  These incredible transformations have been created by Reveries Weddings & Events based in the UK.

Want some more fabulous draping pictures?  Yanni Design Studio, based in Chicago, has a flair for the dramatic!


Texturizing the fabric for a completely unique look.

Texturizing the fabric for a completely unique look.

Elegant & Clean.  Lighting increases the drama on this classic drape.

Elegant & Clean. Lighting increases the drama on this classic drape.

So don’t rule out the venue that might not be the complete match to your vision – a talented wedding professional, such as OPULENCE Floral Design & Event Décor, can transform it to match your vision!

Become a Wedding Pro

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Be a part of an amazing experience - Be a Wedding Pro

Be a part of an amazing experience – Be a Wedding Pro

Do you love weddings?  Have you planned your own or a friends’ wedding?  Did the whole experience make you feel so creatively satisfied you wished you could do it again?

Why not do it?  Why not make a change?  Life is short – it should be spend following your bliss!  You can do it, and we can help!

For the last 15 years, I have been immersed in the floral and wedding industry.  It has been a huge learning process.  A lot of things were learned through trial and error, some errors more expensive than others.  There have been many times I wished there was somewhere I could have gone to learn all the things I needed to know.  There is now!

I am so pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive, professional training course geared to get you into the Wedding Industry a.s.a.p.

design defined condensed logo

This 5-day program will ready participants to start working at an event company, flower shop/studio or be ready to start their own business. Participants will receive a fully stocked tool box, as well as a design manual, supplier lists, industry catalogues, and templates useful for preparing quotes, organizing logistics, and so much more!

The curriculum consists of 3 days of hands-on Floral Design learning everything from how to process the flowers right through to designing all the pieces required for a wedding.  There is 1 day of Event Decorating in which students create stunning backdrops, draping methods, dressing head tables, and learning what is involved in creating a gorgeous tablescape.  The last day is focused on Business Practices – setting up and growing your business, pricing your work and goods, purchasing flowers and supplies, advertising, legalities, and so much more.

Class is in Session

Class is in Session

Working with the Flowers

Working with the Flowers

Check it out now, and if you have any questions, email me or call (866) 300-2609.  Start your new life today!




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